November 2009-2011

"Have fun in the work, and don't take yourself too seriously, but take the work Seriously."

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Elder Stats and the People

First Christmas in Ghana!  What a wonderful way to spend Christmas with 10 baptisms!

This is the 14 year old boy who has helped Ian in getting the people to come to church!  He and Ian are really good friends and Ian just loves this kid.  He helps the missionaries translate into Twi.

 Two new friends in Assin Foso, Ghana!

The children in Ghana are beautiful!  They like to follow the missionaries around.  
The only paved road in Assin Foso.  This is the road Ian was hit on.

His first companion in Assin Foso was from the Ivory Coast.  His main language is French.

Tracting in Ghana.

In his Kumasi district Ian was the only American.

Ian's the "cool" one with the sunglasses.

Missionaries gotta have fun, too!
Ian LOVES this little girl. She's "way cute." Obviously.

 Making fofo.  Ian loves this food!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Elder Stats

One year mark!!!
Nature's umbrella!

This is really working in the mission "field."

At the water pump in Assin Foso.

African Style